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Our company mainly sale the fitness goods such as the dumbell, barbell rod ,treadmill ,ellipticals ,gym gloves,knee pad,shoulder pad anchkle support and other accessories which is related with fitness.
We also can supply the OEM order .We are warmly welcome customers from wide world to cooperate with us.

Towel Wrist Bands

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Introducing our high-quality Towel Wrist Bands, designed for maximum comfort and performance during sports and fitness activities. Our Custom Embroidery Tennis Wrist Bands are made with breathable materials to effectively absorb sweat, keeping you dry and comfortable. The colorful options add a fun and vibrant touch to your athletic gear. Whether you’re playing tennis, basketball, or hitting the gym, our Towel Wrist Bands are the perfect choice for keeping sweat at bay. Choose our Wrist Band Towel Wristbands for a stylish and practical addition to your sports attire.

Keeps Shape and Elasticity

We make sweatbands to be durable enough to last multiple uses and washes while at the same time keeping their shape/size. They will keep form even if you wear them daily.

Ultra High-Quality Material

Our unique blend of cotton, spandex, and nylon is made for athletes and those engaging in any physical activity. It does what a
sweat headband is supposed to do: soak up the sweat and keep it out of your eyes and face.

Comfort that Lasts

Moderate thickness. Stop irritation and discomfort with non-slip, super-soft sweatbands available in unisex fit.


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